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This Denver store sells totally awesome memorabilia from the 1980s

"Fifty-two 80's!" on South Broadway in Denver is full of memorabilia and antiques from the 1980s.

DENVER — It's one of those places you walk by, see the name and find yourself drawn inside.

This store on South Broadway is full of stuff that takes people back to their childhood. "Fifty-two 80's!" is Positively Colorado. 

You can blame Tony Vecchio and his partner Dede Thompson for this virtual time capsule. 

They decided to fill the store with all things 80s. Vecchio said it brings him back to his childhood, and adds that the 80s were good, "real good." 

You can find everything from TV dolls like Laverne and Shirley (and Lenny and Squiggy), to hundreds of non-sports trading cards, to toys, videos, music and vintage Reagan-Bush campaign buttons. 

Credit: 9NEWS

Remember "Magnum P.I.?" And "21 Jump Street?" How about Garbage Pail Kids? And My Little Pony? 

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It's all there. 

The owners said they get this stuff "everywhere, all the time": online, at yard sales and from many people hoping they can sell the 80s artifacts in their basements.

Credit: 9NEWS

Thompson said many people come in and get very emotional because it takes them back to a special time. 

"We've had to give people hugs," she said. "It's a happy cry, but they're emotional. 

"It's kind of crazy, but kind of fun." 

Vecchio said it's one store where people can come in and every care in the world just disappears. 

"They walk in here and they're just happy," he said. 

Fifty two 80's opens at noon Wednesday thru Sunday: the80sareawesome.com 

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