Nearly three dozen Colorado supermarkets are getting mobile-checkout technology designed to speed up the checkout process.

Cincinnati-based grocer Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) says it will expand its Scan, Bag, Go service to 400 stores in 2018 -- including 34 of its King Soopers and City Market stores -- as part of its Restock Kroger strategy to improve the grocery customer experience.

Scan, Bag, Go allows shoppers to scan items as they place them in their cart or bags throughout the store, then pay at a self-checkout station. It can be done using a store-provided scanner or via a Scan, Bag, Go smartphone app.

Select Kroger stores throughout greater Cincinnati have tested the program for the past five years. After the success of those pilot stores, the company added test stores in Arizona. More than 25 locations now have Scan, Bag, Go service on a test basis, a company spokesperson told me.

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