The town of Parker is picking up speed on the economic development front, and one project in the works is dividing the town.

There's a zoning meeting Thursday night for a hotel project on Mainstreet.

The 51,000 square foot, four floor mixed-use project boasts plans for retail and restaurants on the first floor.

People like Kathleen Garner are worried the hotel will squeeze out the small town feel they treasure along Mainstreet.

"I don't mind the building itself, it's the location," Garner said.

Economic development officials say the hotel will be independently owned by a company called Mars Development.

They believe it will attract people to Mainstreet.

Other business owners think that's great.

"I'm real excited for the growth in Parker. I think it's going to bring business to our little businesses here," said Sharon Midanier, a shop owner down the street.

The project is also catching heat over parking, which people in Parker say is already too tight.

Others think the building is too big-- though the town says the hotel will be about the same height as the building across the street.

All that considered, the buildings going up on Mainstreet, especially with the latest addition, are still bringing some people down.

If the project goes through, Garner says she'd consider extreme measures.

"I would probably move," she said.

Parker's zoning board is meeting at 7 p.m.

The economic development department says the project could be fully approved by Dec. 12.

They could break ground in early 2017.