Monday was expected to bring construction workers, ropes, and trailers for the city of Loveland. Instead, all it got was a whole bunch of quiet and rain.

“It’s a temporary delay,” said city economic development manager Mike Scholl.

The city was hoping to begin roping off parts of downtown between the corners of 4th and Cleveland and 2nd and Lincoln so it could begin its largest growth project in its history.

“You know it's time in [for this construction],” said Clay Caldwell, who owns mo’Betta Gumbo in the area. “Downtown Loveland has been a hidden treasure.”

A movie theater, apartments, offices, and parking garage will all be built. The project is expected to cost $60 million.

“Our vacancy rates are at historic lows and so the demand for housing is really high,” Scholl said.

Studies suggest that 50,000 new homes are going to have to be built in Northern Colorado alone to accommodate the growing demand. Loveland hopes the apartments do just that and attract people to come and stay downtown.

“Movie theaters are a really good anchor for that,” Scholl said. “People are pretty excited to see it happen.”

Asbestos removal will begin as soon as the skies clear. The project completion set for Summer 2018.