A San Francisco-based entrepreneur is bringing his idea to Denver, opening the second location of Zen Compound, a facility that combines co-working space, a coffee shop, an art gallery and a nightclub.

Paul Hemming, CEO and founder of Zen Compound, will open in a 20,000-square-foot space at 1136 N. Broadway in three stages, with the first stage, the nightclub, to open this fall. The entire facility is expected to be up and running by the beginning of 2018.

Hemming opened his first nightclub in San Francisco's popular SOMA (South of Market) district 10 years ago. The club offers a "thumping, futuristic vibe," and Denver's will be similar, but with more VIP services, according to the company.

“We see Denver as a sister city to San Francisco in many ways,” said Hemming. “The Mile High City is a major metropolitan hub and has an eclectic confluence of technology, music, art, entertainment and nightlife."

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