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Denver looking for volunteers for 5-star certification program

Volunteers will have two positions they can be assigned after training. They can perform one or both if they choose.

DENVER — Denver is looking for volunteers to help administer its five-star certification program.

Visit Denver teamed up with H2 Manufacturing Solutions to implement the program.

H2 has been developing and administering a COVID Safety System and Certification program for businesses, schools and county facilities during the pandemic. 

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There will be two positions available to volunteers. They are:

  • on-site auditor
  • administrator in the Command Central team

Volunteers will have to take an approximate 90-minute instructor-led online training course. Volunteers will learn:

  • roles of the auditor and Command Central administrator
  • how to conduct auditing, reporting, scheduling, etc. 
  • how to interact with Command Central and other field auditors
  • what oversight will look like
  • what real-time support will entail
  • how to access help when needed

If volunteers pass tests and ensure they understand, they'll then shadow an H2 professional for the tasks being administered. This shadowing session lasts approximately two hours. 

Once they pass certification, field auditors will perform audits, certifications and re-certifications. Audits take about two hours and entail on-site visits, communication with Command Central and data input. Certification and re-certifications take about an hour, according to a Visit Denver release.

For volunteers in Command Central, their virtual shift assignments will entail support for field auditors, data input, report summarizing and continuous interaction with H2 Command Central leadership, according to the post from Visit Denver.

Click here for a list of things Visit Denver and H2 are looking for in volunteers. 

People who are susceptible to COVID-19 will not be used as field auditors. That includes:

  • people over age 60
  • people who are immuno-compromised
  • pregnant women
  • smokers
  • people with cancer, kidney disease, COPD, heart conditions, sickle cell disease, Type 2 diabetics
  • people who are caregivers or live with someone who falls in the above-stated conditions

Visit Denver said a sign-up link for people interested in volunteering will be provided at a later date.

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