Those that thought Colorado's marijuana sales would start to decline once other states legalized it: think again.

February was one of the biggest months ever for pot sales in the state. 

According to Cannabis Benchmarks, a group that tracks the industry, 2017 is already growing into a record breaking year. 

Between January and February our state saw $235-million total in marijuana sales. That is up 30 percent from the same time last year.

January's recreational sales were up 38 percent from the year before and February was the second-highest month for sales since recreational marijuana was legalized, just short of the $88-million record set in September of last year.

Medical marijuana sales are also on the rise, although its increase is not as strong as the surge in recreational.

So what's behind the increase?  Experts point to three factors.

Existing users are spending more, new consumers are starting to visit dispensaries and both might be stocking up over concerns there could be a federal crackdown on the industry.