The newest bar in Denver is not exactly what you’d think.

Hydrate IV doesn’t serve alcohol. It does, however, give you an IV full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more.

“Really any type of dehydration these services will help with,” Katie Wafer, the co-owner of Hydrate IV, said. “We have athletes who come in that need hydration either before or after an event, and we have different vitamins that will help with endurance, muscle recovery …”

She says they also have IVs to help you get over a cold – as well as get over a hangover.

Wafer says the benefit of the IV bar is you’re skipping the middle man.

“They are going straight into your vein, you are absorbing 100 percent of them,” she said. “We are not going through the GI tract, so that’s one of the benefits of getting these boosts. You are getting 100 percent of the nutrients and the benefits.”

But is it safe? Erin Weber, a nurse who works at Hydrate IV and Denver Health says it is.

“I think it’s 100 percent safe,” Weber said. “We are using the same techniques and the same sterile equipment that we do in the hospital. So there’s nothing about it that’s different in the way that I’m starting the IV or providing actual therapy.

“It’s just a friendlier environment for the client, they can sit back in a recliner, get a pillow and a blanket and just relax.”

Hydrate IV has been open for four months. Wafer says, despite their somewhat strange concept, business has been good. She and her boyfriend, Blake Wealy, opened Hydrate after seeing the successful IV bars in Las Vegas.

“Denver is such a health-conscious community,” Wafer said. “It’s a city that’s growing like crazy, we have a lot of tourism. We do get quite a few people from out of town who come to see our clinic that are familiar with this type of service from their own cities. So they search us out.”

Given the number of out-of-towners in the city, it’s probably not a shock that Hydrate IV has a treatment for altitude sickness.

The IV bar employs eight nurses and four paramedics, and has a private doctor on staff. It is open seven days a week, and you have to be 18 years old to be treated there.