KUSA — Bruce Herberger is the owner of Showtime Video, a video rental store that's the last of its kind still standing in Loveland.

“Up until five years ago, I watched every movie that came out,” Herberger said proudly.

The self-described movie buff is reflecting on his experiences as owner of Showtime Video before the store closes for good at the end of September.

Herberger says he will miss the people more than the movies.

“I am going to miss the social interaction,” Herberger told 9NEWS on Monday.

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He calls his customers his friends and his employees his kids. He gets choked up talking about both.

“We have had kids work for us with no parents, useless parents, great parents. Sometimes they just need that support,” Herberger said with tears in his eyes.

Herberger always wanted his "kids" to aspire to more than working at the video store.

“I used to tell them, ‘everything you need to learn to be the president of IBM, you learn at a video store.’ And that’s people skills," he said. "It doesn’t matter how smart you are. You can always hire smart people and put them in a dark room. But if you don’t have people skills you aren’t going to go anywhere.”

Herberger says many people think Showtime Video is a national chain, but the rental store is actually a family business.

“Me and my wife Renee - we had four stores. We had two here in Loveland, one in Longmont, one in Windsor," Herberger said. "Her father and uncle started the business back in 1989. I moved to Colorado mid-1990 and bought the stores in 1993.”

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The Loveland location is the last Showtime Video store standing. Late September will mark the end of an era.

Every item in Showtime Video is on sale.

“There are a lot of movies in here that are worth two, three, four hundred dollars because they are out of print. There’s a couple in here that only came out printed once," he said. "Now I am not going to tell you what they are and I didn’t go and pull them. I left them in here for my customers.”

Showtime Video will rent out videos through Labor Day weekend. The store will close for good on Sept. 22.