With the passage of Amendment 71, the state’s oil and gas sector could be safer from constitutional ballot proposals seeking to reign in its operations — but an anti-fracking group has pledged to continue its fight.

Amendment 71, referred to during the campaign as the “Raise the Bar” measure, makes it harder to propose changes to Colorado’s constitution and for those proposals to be approved by voters.

Supporters of the amendment argued that Colorado’s ballot had become the target for groups with too-narrow agendas that didn’t reflect the attitudes of the state’s residents. It was widely supported by business groups, including the oil and gas industry, and voters approved the measure by a 57-43 margin, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

Opponents, which included groups on both the liberal left and conservative right, argued that the measure will make it too hard and too expensive for anyone without deep pockets to gather the required level of support to proposal and pass a change in Colorado’s constitution.

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