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Wine will be sold in some Colorado grocery stores starting March 1

Prop 125, a ballot initiative allowing grocery and convenience stores to sell wine, passed by less than 2% in the November election.

COLORADO, USA — In just over a week, grocery and convenience stores will be allowed to sell wine in Colorado. The initiative narrowly passed in November and will take effect March 1. 

Local liquor stores have dreaded the date. 

 "It’s like all the air being sucked out of you. You know, you’ve worked really hard for something, and to see those super narrow margins, yeah, it hurts a lot,"  Carolyn Joy said.

Joy owns Joy Wine and Spirits, a local Denver store and a big opponent of Prop 125, which passed by less than 2%.

"The message was convenience, but what you sacrifice at that is local jobs, local business, local revenue and also selection and service," she said. "It's frustrating and disheartening to have 10, 20 or 30% of your business just basically given away." 

Just around the corner from Joy Wine & Spirits, there's a literal sign of the times. A small sign sits on a shelf in what was a bread aisle at a grocery store. The ad celebrates the wine selection that will arrive in March. 

"I feel like big corporations just want more and more," Joy said. "I hope that we're able to adapt to this, but anytime you're taking away business, just basically giving it away, really sucks."

Joy said she will wait a few months to see the true impacts Prop 125 has on her businesses.  From there, she stressed, she will pivot to try and stay afloat. 

She just hopes customers will support local rather than convenience.

"Even if means going next door or making a separate trip, it’s just really important because businesses like mine depend on all of the sales," she said. "Keep supporting your local community and your local liquor store."


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