Tech Tuesday for this week shines the spotlight on a company that you've probably used many times, and may not have even known it.

Gary Shapiro sat down with Scott Yates, 9News technology expert, to talk about SurveyGizmo.

This company is a little like Survey Monkey, which is better known because people use a tool that says "Survey Monkey" on the bottom. SurveyGizmo is more for people who don't want someone else's brand on the survey. They don't have as many free tools, but they do have really good tools so that teams can get better information and make better, data-driven decisions. And they can do it all under their own branding, not some other company's.

You can tell the company is doing well because they have something like 80 people now in an office on the east side of Boulder, and they are still growing fast after 12 years in business. Their website shows 11 openings right now.

This is also a great story about a company that isn't in a constant fundraising loop. They make money the old fashioned way, selling a service that people want to pay for. Not as common as you might think among technology startups.

Straight path to success?

While this company has been around for 12 years now, the path to success has not been all smooth and easy. There've been plenty of curves the company navigated, and cliffs the company avoided falling off of.

If you want to hear all about how they went from just an idea to a company doing so well after that long journey, you can see the CEO talking in person here on Wednesday night as part of the Denver Founders Network at the Commons on Champa.

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