DENVER — While there was no jackpot winner Tuesday in the Mega Millions drawing, some Coloradans are waking up winners, according to a Tweet from the Colorado Lottery.

The agency said 11 tickets sold in our state are worth $2,500 and 34 tickets are worth $1,000. There were lots of other smaller prize winners, according to the Colorado Lottery. The overall chance of winning any prize is 1 in 24, according to the Mega Millions site.

Most states like Colorado offer a Megaplier feature to increase non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times; it costs an additional $1 per play. Tuesday night's Megaplier ball was 5.

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That means those who paid the extra $1 and matched 4 numbers won $2,500 instead of $500. Players who matched 3 numbers won $1,000 instead just $200.

Bottom line, even though there was no jackpot winner, you'll want to check those tickets. Friday night's jackpot has swelled to $900 million.

The winning numbers are 3, 45, 49, 61, 69 and Mega Ball 9.