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BUY IT NOW: $80 off Toshiba 32-inch Smart Fire TV edition with free shipping

It's not Black Friday but it sure feels like it today on this beautiful Friday eve. If you haven't noticed yet, I work around the clock to monitor price drops and I get really excited about tech!  A deal that just appeared features a top-rated smart TV at a price that's identical to the Black Friday price.

Just read some of the reviews tied to this Toshiba 32-inch Smart TV Fire Edition. If you are tired of over-paying for cable or satellite, the benefit of a smart TV is that you unlock countless legal free shows, movies and channels.

The added benefit of having a streaming system like Roku or Fire TV built in to the television itself is you have one operating system with one remote control. Rather than have a remote for your Fire TV box and a separate remote for a television, smart TVs help you ditch the second remote and minimize cable clutter thanks to one unified system.

If you are an Amazon Prime Member, another advantage to Fire TV is that you can subscribe individually to your favorite premium cable networks like HBO or Showtime and also watch Netflix and other streaming options on the TV. You don't need to pay your cable or satellite provider for a bunch of channels you don't watch to get the few channels you actually need.

The half-priced deal tied to the 32-inch version of the Toshiba LED Fire TV is a score. While it's not 4K, that doesn't make a huge difference on smaller television displays and hey, it's $99. I loved the display, the speakers are solid given the size of the television and Toshiba is top quality.

This deal will expire at the end of today. Happy Savings!

BUY IT NOW: $80 off Toshiba 32-inch Smart Fire TV edition with free shipping
Was: $180.00
Now: $99.99


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