BUY IT NOW: Get the Level Alkaline Bottle for $38.99 (51% off)

Fans of alkaline water believe it can change the pH balance of the body, reduce acid reflux, boost immunity, and even give you clearer skin. While it’s not exactly proven, celebrities and many others swear by it. But finding it isn’t always the easiest task, which is why this Level Alkaline Bottle exists.

If you aren’t familiar with alkaline water, then think back to high school chemistry’s pH scale. Regular tap-water usually falls in the middle of the scale at around a 7 (neutral). Alkaline water has a higher pH, typically in the 8 to 10 range, thanks to the inclusion of minerals like calcium or potassium. You can find bottled water that’s alkaline, but you’ll have to do some research at the store. To make things easier, this Level Alkaline Bottle transforms your average water into alkaline water. How? With a replaceable alkaline ionizer that adds essential minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium to boost the pH to 9.5.

Even if you don’t believe alkaline water is that much better for you, the bottle still features other benefits. First, it looks sleek and sophisticated, thanks to its premium matte exterior. Next, it keeps your water’s temperature up to 30 hours with food-grade stainless steel and advanced insulation. And of course, it helps eliminate plastic waste by being reusable. It’s a win, all around.

Whether you’re trying to only drink alkaline water from now on or you’re in the market for a new reusable water bottle, the Level Alkaline Bottle is an excellent choice. Plus, it’s on sale! Usually $79.99, you can grab this sleek bottle for just $38.99 now from

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