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BUY IT NOW: $70 off iKeyp Pro Smart Safe with free shipping

The Consumer Electronics Show isn't just fantastic for showcasing products like flying taxis and laundry folding robots. CES also features some great items that you can use every day. The many items I unboxed and showcased during my week at CES 2019 included a product that can protect your valuables in a truly intelligent way.

The iKeyp Pro Smart Safe is the world's first portable smart safe, and it has gone through a slight upgrade since I tested it last year. Whether you have jewelry, passports, documents, wills, deeds or medication that you need to keep safe, the iKeyp Pro Safe installs in seconds. Unlike its predecessor which was easy to open, this smart safe guarantees 24/7 monitoring.

There's also a free app that will allow you to control and open the safe from your smartphone and that will send you notifications about any tampering or failed password attempts. It also will send you a notification when the safe is opened or closed!

The iKeyp Pro is highly portable which means it can travel with you to a hotel and also be securely mounted in a home or office. Click the play button to see this award-winning CES safe up close!

Features of the iKeyp Pro Smart Safe:

  • Ideal way for parents to lock away medicine from the rest of the household
    Installs in seconds
  • Four (not included) AA batteries lasted for six months in my tests
  • You can share safe access with other family members using the app
  • Receive immediate notifications if the safe is open or closed
  • If the safe is hit, moved, dropped, or shocked, you get an alert
  • An alarm will sound if the safe is being tampered with, and you get an alert
  • App includes medication reminders and other programmable alerts
  • Ideal for shared living dorms, senior homes and apartments
  • Secure home and office storage for valuables and documents
  • Lowest recorded price CES 2019 promotion

BUY IT NOW: $70 off iKeyp Pro Smart Safe with free shipping
Was: $149.99
Now: $79.99
***Re-design is 10x more secure than predecessors I tested.