In my quest to highlight bargains and get you the most bang for your buck, chances are you are not enjoying the Internet speeds for which you are paying.

I can already hear the voices of the cynics reading this article: "There's nothing that you can buy that will double your internet speed." Incorrect! While you cannot increase the speed of the connection fed into your home, by the time that connection travels to your laptop or tablet, it is greatly diminished. You can change that!

You've likely heard of boosters / range extenders and while these products are fantastic for increasing the stability of the internet connection traveling through your home or office, the solution I have today speeds thing up from the computer side of things.

The antennas inside your computer that receive the Wi-Fi connection from your modem/router are typically under-equipped. After one year of testing the Coredy SmartLinker, we were able to quadruple our upload speeds and double our download speeds - by boosting what travels in to the computer.

The result is smoother bandwidth, faster downloads, more stable movie and music streaming - and yes - the potential to double your Wi-Fi speed from your laptop.

The SmartLinker also performed a speed increase "miracle" at our TV studio. Click the play button to watch the results.

- Boost existing Wi-Fi coverage and public Wi-Fi spots
- High performance 802.11N Wi-Fi technology
- Safe, secure and protected wireless connections
- Plug and play solution for any laptop or desktop (Apple, Chromebook and Windows)
- Compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo products, Google Home, TP-Link
- Works with your current network or range extender
- Top-rated and lowest-recorded price today

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