DENVER — Employers in the Denver area have the opportunity to partner with the Regional Transportation District to offer discounted bus and train travel throughout the area through the EcoPass program. Employees in the program are issued a photo ID EcoPass smart card, which is tapped on a smart card reader for every ride or transfer.

RTD lists the benefits of the EcoPass program for employers as reducing payroll taxes via a pre-tax benefit and says the passes are a "recruitment and retention tool" and "enhances morale and productivity." The program has three payment options: employer-paid (employer pays the entire cost), employee-paid (employees can use pre-tax dollars to purchase a pass), and employer/employee cost sharing.

Additional benefits of the program marketed for employees include unlimited rides on bus and train, no additional fare for trips to and from the airport (on SkyRide or the University of Colorado A Line), reduced commuting "costs and hassles" and savings on parking expenses. An optional add-on benefit is the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which gives employees a free taxi ride home "in the event of unplanned schedule changes, illness or other urgent situations," according to RTD.

DaVita is one major participant in the EcoPass program, reporter Ed Sealover recently wrote. More than 80% of its Denver-area workforce uses alternative transportation to get to the office.

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