It's the holidays, so of course, we've been talking about porch pirates and how to protect yourselves from them.

But for some, it's too late. And your holiday gifts, Amazon orders - whatever it may be - are long gone in the hands of thieves.

In one Littleton neighborhood, the holiday spirit hit a bit of a downer note because of a woman caught on Eric Sundgren's surveillance cameras picking up his neighbor's package and walking back to a car.

"People work hard for the things they have and, unfortunately, there are individuals out there who work harder to take them," said Sundgren.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said the woman is suspected of stealing packages.

"It was a big box of fishing pants. Hope they fish!" said Sundgren.

According to Denver Police, there have been more than 450 package thefts this year in Denver alone through mid-December.

9NEWS spoke to Michael Grabham, the founder of Package Guard, working to prevent package thefts.

"It's either the shipper or e-commerce company that pays for it," said Grabham.

When we asked different companies here's what they said:

Amazon works with people one on one to work something out.

UPS says if a package is delivered and then stolen they aren't legally liable. And suggested customers can look into UPS My Choice. It's web-based technology and mobile app that sends texts or e-mails when a package is on the way. It also allows a customer to redirect a package to a better location and time and give drivers instruction on delivery.

FedEx recommends notifying the police.

They sent us this statement:

"All year long we work with our drivers and service providers to be aware of their surroundings and report any unusual activities. And when customers use FedEx Delivery Manager, our drivers and service providers follow the instructions on where and when they want their deliveries made, which helps protect everyone's shipments.

Any customer who suspects that a package has been stolen should contact police. Shipments made with FedEx are backed by a money-back guarantee for late delivery and non-delivery, and there are some changes to our service guarantees during the busy holiday season. Customers can also purchase declared value coverage subject to certain limits. FedEx does not sell insurance. For details on the FedEx money-back guarantee and declared value, please go to"

The U.S. Post Office also recommends telling police as well as the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and can report a theft at

If someone ordered from a one-of-a-kind store, like a mom-and-pop shop, something that's hard to replace, here's what Grabham had to say:

"All they can do is give your money back and they aren't required to give you the money back."

As for Sundgren, he's started collaborating with his neighbors more.

"We reached out to our neighbors collect each others mail now and boxes."