Denver actually has the cheapest average rent in the metro area.

At least that's what the most recent report from Apartment List, Inc shows. The company looked at rental prices for apartments in the ten largest cities in the metro area during December 2017.

Their results show rents increasing over the last year in all of them, by anywhere from less than one percent to almost six percent.

In the metro area, median one-bedroom rental rates range from $1,030 within the city of Denver to $1,520 in Lone Tree, according to the report.

You can use the map below to see the median one- and two-bedroom rates for each of the cities in the study.

And while this seems like the latest in an endless stream of stories about the Denver area's increasing rent prices, the report also shows that other comparable cities saw steeper rent increases over this past year.

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Phoenix was up 3.9 percent, Los Angeles 3.8 percent and San Diego 3.4 percent, compared to Denver's 1.6 percent, Apartment List said.