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The dentist's office, the kitchen, and the classroom are all seeking skilled workers

A low unemployment rate means workers have their pick of the litter, leaving some industries with labor shortages.

Colorado's unemployment rate is low, and while that's good news for the workers with jobs, there's a downside for industries seeking skilled workers. We took a look at three.

“I hear frustrations in finding qualified individuals to work in your office, be it a hygienist, be it a dental assistant, be it somebody who's up front," said Dr. Brett Levin of Levin Family Dental.

Job: Dental Hygienist

Education: Dental Hygienist school (2-year degree associate degree)

Pay: $50,000-100,000 (depending on board certifications and length of time in industry)

“There is a labor shortage for early childhood teachers, especially for credentialed qualified teachers," said Dr. Pamela Harris with Mile High Early Learning. "The research shows that when you start young, you avoid a lot of issues in later years."

Job: Early education teacher or pre-school teacher

Education: Lead preschool teacher needs a bachelor degree and for other jobs, Mile High Early Learning created a 120-hour course to get a Child Development Associate.

Pay: $12.50 an hour for those without a bachelor degree and $21 and hour with a bachelor degree

“When I was first applying I applied to like 12 places and I got 9 interviews with almost no kitchen experience," said Tim Kirk a line cook at Q House to illustrate the shortage in the restaurant industry.

Job: Line Cook

Education: None, but some can take courses to make more money and land a better job. Emily Griffith Technical College offers a 4-week free program called Culinary Quickstart.

Pay: $12-$15 dollars an hour