Last year, Delta offset carbon emissions for passengers traveling on Earth Day. Beginning later this year, JetBlue plans to do the same — for every single day of the year.

The carrier announced on Monday a massive program aimed at offsetting up to 17 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year, which JetBlue states is the annual equivalent of removing more than 1.5 million passenger vehicles from the road.

Carbon offsetting has become a focus for airlines around the world, but particularly those based in Europe. Carriers such as Air France, British Airways and EasyJet have all enacted similar plans.

Now, beginning in July 2020, JetBlue will partner with to offset all flights operating exclusively within the United States, through forest conservation projects, solar and wind farm development, and converting landfill gas into renewable energy, rather than allowing it to escape into the air.

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Additionally, JetBlue notes that it is replacing older aircraft with more fuel-efficient models, including the Airbus A220 and A321neo. And, by mid-2020, JetBlue said it will operate flights from San Francisco (SFO) with “Neste MY Renewable Jet Fuel,” which the carrier said has up to an 80% smaller carbon footprint when compared with conventional jet fuel.

Not flying JetBlue? A number of U.S. carriers make it easy to add carbon offsets, or you can purchase them on your own — in many cases, you’ll spend less than $10 to offset even the longest domestic flights.

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