Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk’s corporate jet quietly flew more than 150,000 miles last year — largely ping-ponging between San Jose, Los Angeles and Reno, The Washington Post reports, citing data it obtained from an unnamed industry source.

The flights came as Tesla grappled with production bottlenecks, mass layoffs and a cash crunch that put the company within “single-digit weeks of death.”They also came as Musk publicly preached about the dangers of global warming and carbon emissions.

Most egregious, perhaps, were the jet’s “repositioning” flights, where pilots would fly an empty plane about 20 miles from one side of Los Angeles to the other, to help Musk avoid rush hour traffic, the Post reports.

“Until we can teleport, there's unfortunately no alternative that would allow him to do his job as effectively,” a Tesla spokesman told reporters.

It’s not uncommon for Silicon Valley CEOs to take private jets for business travel and send the bill back to the company. It wasn’t immediately clear how Musk’s private jet use compared to his peers, many of whom obscure their business-related travel schedules by requesting they not be tracked in public databases.

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