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There has been one question on the mind of many of our bargain-loving readers.

We’ve heard from readers via e-mails, texts, phone calls and, even, carrier pigeons. (Okay, we’re exaggerating…but just a bit!)

The one question everyone is asking: What is going on with King Soopers’ weekly Free Friday Download promotion?

We know it’s an extremely popular deal with readers (who doesn’t love free groceries, right?) and it’s one of our most-viewed posts every Friday.

We chalked up the recent “missing Fridays” to the holidays and Super Bowl, but we now have an official answer from our good friends at King Soopers.

Basically, the deal should now be called Free (Every Other) Friday Download. Moving forward, the fabulous freebie will be bi-weekly — meaning every other week.

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Being directly involved in the world of deals and discounts for a decade now, we know programs change over time, so we’re not completely surprised.

There are many reasons programs change or end, especially as marketing strategies evolve and customers’ purchasing habits change. (Hello, online ordering and delivery!) 

While many readers may be unhappy or disappointed with the change, we’re grateful for all the free groceries we’ve scanned over the years — definitely more than $500 worth of frozen entrées, beverages, candy, pasta, cat treats, salad dressing, chips and more.

And it’s not over completely — just not as often. There’s still plenty of free items to be had for us bargain hunters! 

Thank you for all the free groceries, King Soopers! 

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