There's no one bolder in Boulder this year than 14 year-old Martha Riedel.

"You never think you’re gonna be that kid that you see whose bald or like or I don’t know has some disease and it’s like here I am," Martha said.

For months, she thought she suffered some sort of sports injury. Her pelvis and hip hurt, but she had no idea why. Eventually, doctors told Martha and her mother Margaret Riedel that the teenage girl had a form of bone cancer known as Ewing's Sarcoma.

"Nobody in your wildest dreams you don’t think that that’s gonna be what they’re gonna say," Margaret Riedel said.

Initially, doctors were not sure if Martha would survive.

"The first moment I found out I was just scared, my eyes filled up with tears," Martha said. "I knew that there was like a chance that I wouldn't make it."

But, Martha was determined to beat the cancer.

"Her attitude, her spirit is amazing. She walked in that hospital and she's like okay, let's get this done," Margaret Riedel said.

As the treatments went on, so did the help.

"From the moment she was diagnosed, we have people just coming out of the woodwork just wanting to help, wanting to do things," Margaret Riedel said.

So, the Riedel's decided to threw party Saturday afternoon in Martin Park in Boulder to thank everyone who helped them, to celebrate Martha being clear of cancer, and to wish the girl luck in her next endeavor.

"We didn’t know if Martha would be here and I’m gonna get emotional she, here she is and she’s going to be running the Boulder Bolder," Margaret Riedel said.

Martha plans to run the 10K annual Memorial Day race to prove to herself that cancer cannot keep her down.

"When I was diagnosed like I didn’t have much control over it so like when I do have control over, I like to push myself," Martha said.

She doesn't think she will be strong enough to run the entire 6.2 miles. But, she will try with a whole bunch of people supporting her.

"Knowing that people are like rooting for you and they have your back just helps a lot," Martha said.

When she was sick she wrote a poem that has now become her mantra, "Roses are red., My eyes are greenish-blue. Don't boo hoo cuz I'm gonna live til 92."