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A push to the polls for the midterm elections

Voter turnout will be critical in the 2018 midterms.

DENVER — As thousands pour into the Great American Beer Festival, a group called the Progressive Turnout Project tries to register people to vote.

"What we find in this type of work is there is a huge multiplier effect," Russell Krantz, Progressive Turnout Project district director, said. "For every person we register, there are people walking by and it jogs their memory. Oh, I need to check my registration or I need to get registered."

Progressive Turnout Project skews Democrat and perhaps they're out here because they know what 9News Political Analyst Floyd Ciruli knows.

"Democrats normally have a hard time in these mid-terms," Ciruli said.

Ciruli says the elections will only draw about half of all registered voters and because of that he believes the Governor's race between Walker Stapleton and Jared Polis will be close as well a big race for U.S. Representative.

"We know that the Sixth Congressional District with Mr. Coffman and Mr. Crow could be one of the seats that helps decide Congress," Ciruli said.

Voters will also look at raising taxes to generate revenue for schools and whether to limit the expansion of drilling for oil and gas.

"The issues that are on the ballot this year are probably as important as many of the races," Ciruli said.

Whether these amendments pass, Ciruli says that depends on which side is more successful at rallying the votes.

"People that oppose it are very active, too. So, I think the ballot issues should drive a little bit of the turnout," Ciruli said.

That's the Progressive Turnout Project is out here, even at the beer festival.

"I've been finding that it's gotten easier as the day's gone on," Krantz said. "So, make of that what you will."

Ciruli predicts this year, every voter will matter.

"Who turns out will decide the election, that's sort of an old truism," Ciruli said.

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