DENVER — Art aficionados around Denver will get a chance to score a handcrafted piece of local art if they are savvy enough to track it down.

It's all part of World Art Drop Day, which is celebrated annually on the first Tuesday of September.

The goal is to generate bonds between strangers through creating and spreading art. Local artists are encouraged to hide their artwork around the city, then post clues on social media on where to find it using hashtags #artdropday and #artdropdenver.

People who retrieve the artwork are encouraged to post photos on social media to show where they found the art. From there, it's finders keepers.

“It’s a remarkably fun and positive day,” Denver Arts and Venues Director Kent Rice said in a news release. “On the surface, it’s about having a fun time, but on a deeper level it’s about bringing people together through acts of creation, participation and contribution.”

Denver Arts and Venues is posting clues on its Facebook page for where to find miniature versions of Lawrence Argent’s “I See What You Mean,” otherwise known as the Big Blue Bear that stands outside of the Colorado Convention Center.

In past years, artists have hid everything from paintings, drawings and magnets to sculptures, poems and knitwear.

There’s no deadline for artists wishing to participate in World Art Drop Day. To learn more, click or tap here.