As a drummer, Dan Parker works to keep the beat. As president of a place called CIOMIT, he's part of a rhythm dating back seven years.

"We continue year after year because we see the rewards that come from what we do," Parker said.

Parker and his workers restore instruments donated to the Bringing Music to Life instrument drive. 9NEWS is a partner with Bringing Music to Life which takes donations at music stores around the state to help struggling music programs in schools.

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"Last year, we figured we had all the instruments out of every basement and every attic and we pulled in another 1,100 instruments," Parker said.

Though it monopolizes their time and uses up their resources, Parker keeps the beat going of repairing and restoring hundreds of instruments each year. He doesn't just do it for the kids. Parker says it's part of a mission he started 46 years ago in his father's music store in California.

"Well, off the record, I wasn't going to make it in college," Parker said while laughing.

He does this business for the love of music and craftsmanship of instruments dating back decades.

"What's fascinating is when we pick up this tuba and we think about the craftsman that made this, you know over 100 years ago and you look at their work and their tooling marks," Parker said. "That's fascinating."

If you want to find out where you can donate, just click here: The drive will accept instruments in almost any condition. The drive runs through March 17.

"Every instrument you work on is different than the next," Parker said. "So, every day that you work is a different day."