A Colorado-based company said its technology has been provided to help rescuers' efforts in rescuing members of a boys' soccer team trapped in an underwater cave in Thailand.

Intermap Technologies, located in the Denver area, said its NextMap One dataset was given to the Thai Department of National Parks on June 27.

“They have a big problem,” said the company’s Chairman and CEO, Patrick Blott, about the initial request for help from Thailand.

“They have kids who have disappeared into a cave and nobody is really sure where they are or if they are OK. And we are one of the very few companies in the world that can give them an accurate model of that terrain in that cave and system by blending in a whole bunch of different data sets, including our own, and a very high level of accuracy.”

In an online statement, the company explained how it assisted with the NextMap One dataset.

"This high resolution elevation data was supplied within three hours, and used in conjunction with other sensors to identify elevation coordinates, prioritize potential drilling points, identify drainage paths, provide a detailed and inter-active 3D model of the area, and determine alternate routes into the caves to help rescue the boys," the online statement read.

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Blott said he was proud of how the company helped in Thailand, and emphasized the work and sacrifices of the teams on the ground and in the water directly involved in the rescue.

“We're still praying for the families for the kids that are yet to be extracted,” he said. “And we’re extremely happy for the others that have gotten their children back.”

Blott said Intermap Technologies does digital mapping all over the world, and has more than 50 government customers. He said the data has helped during humanitarian crises and environmental disasters, and even the space shuttle program.

“I think Intermap is one of the-best at doing this [type of mapping] in the entire world,” Blott said. “And governments around the world rely on us and this is the evidence. In a special situation, Intermap in Denver got the call.”

The Denver Business Journal contributed to this report