COLORADO POLITICS — There are plenty of smart people who want to help you understand the ballots on their way to Colorado voters this week.

Special interest groups on the right and left, be they business interest groups or groups promoting reproductive rights, tell their supporters their positions on ballot questions. Here’s a round-up.

The Common Sense Policy Roundtable, a Colorado business coalition that seeks pragmatic solutions to policy conundrums, provided fiscal analysis of the ballot proposals Tuesday.

“We believe the more informed policymakers and voters are, the better decisions will be made for the benefit of our state,” Kristin Strohm, the roundtable’s executive director, said in a statement.

Among its findings: Proposition 112, to require 2,500-foot setbacks for oil and gas operations, would cost the state 43,000 jobs in the first year and more than 145,000 jobs by 2030, as the fossil fuel industry finds fewer placers to tap underground reserves.

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