Drink beer while hurling axes at a target. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

The owners of the new bar appropriately named "The Axe Room" and say it's a different way to compete and have fun.

It's definitely not your everyday sport - unless you're a lumberjack - but Peter Lalor and Steven Johnson are hoping it will be soon.

“I moved to Denver about a year ago and we found a place that was perfect for it," Lalor says. "And it seems like a great activity and it fits with the local culture.”

Axe throwing and drinking beer - a combo that's already a thing up in Canada.

“This not a new activity, but doing in this social environment where you incorporate being above a brewery is something just starting to spread in the states recently,” Lalor says.

Right now, they have one lane built, but they're adding more. “We are going to have six total, six lanes back to back,” Johnson says.

Just like any sport, there's competition.

“Competition gets pretty heated as well," Johnson says. "The last one was pretty intense: the bachelor won, yeah, the bachelor! And the best man had to go into overtime to determine who won.”

If that friendly competition gets too heated Lalor and Johnson say there will be rules posted throughout the bar.

“If people start getting out of control and are visibly inebriated that's the end of their day as far as the weapons go - they are not allowed to throw anymore,” Lalor says.

The cages are designed to stop drinkers with poor aim from throwing an axe wide left and both men say there’s a reason for that.

“One of the big things we want to stress is safety because that is our first priority, Lalor says.

Both just want to introduce customers to the sport and show people a fun time. They know it’s new, and might take some getting used to, but they hope people give it a chance.

“Someone called it adult darts the other day and I thought it was pretty funny,” Johnson says.

The Axe Room is also home to an art gallery, where locals will have the chance to show off their creations. Right now, it’s open by appointment only, but they're hoping to have a set schedule by August once all the lanes are built.

If and when they do get a liquor license, they will only serve beer and wine.