A plane at Denver International Airport took a shorter trip Saturday. Just 12 feet. No jet engines or turbines. Just 25 Coloradans grabbing a rope and pulling.

More than 2,000 showed up at the Pull the Plane event at DIA Saturday. Seventy-one teams competed to see which team could pull the plane 12 feet the fastest.

The plane weighs more than 164,000 pounds. The fastest time: 5.83 seconds.

There were teams of cops, kids, and even people dressed as super heroes and pirates. And it was all to raise money for Special Olympics of Colorado.

About 100 Coloradan Special Olympics athletes were there. They, of course, pulled the plane too. Colorado is home to more than 21,000 Special Olympics athletes.

The event Saturday raised more than $140,000. Organizers say it was the biggest turnout in the event's five-year history.