LOUISVILLE, Colorado — To the Ramos family, Crane Day is one of the biggest holidays of 2020. 

Since November, Travis Ramos, his wife, and their three kids have been trying to save the Louisville caboose

For almost half a century, the red caboose sat behind a restaurant in downtown Louisville. 

Ramos says he was dropping off his truck to get new tires when he spotted a demolition notice on the restaurant.

After calling the owner, Ramos learned the historic train cars were also slated for demolition. 

"We had a big dream, this big crazy dream. We didn’t want this caboose to get demolished and we were trying our hardest to save it," Ramos said.

It wasn't long before the community jumped in to help.

In 12 days, they raised more than $20,000 to restore the caboose.

Ramos scheduled a crane to come by the site on Feb. 29 to lift the century-old caboose into the air and onto a flatbed truck.

"Our hope is that we can restore it, then bring it back downtown and it can be used again in some capacity," Ramos said.

Beyond extending the life of the caboose, Ramos has high hopes for his family after this experience. 

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"I’m imagining these memories that my boys will have of this. They might be 70 years old and telling their great-grandkids about that time when they were kids and they saved this old caboose that, hopefully, still sits somewhere in downtown Louisville," Ramos said. 

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