NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Sancy Shaw inspired others with her love for teaching, her love for the outdoors and her love for her family.

Now her spirit has inspired a new song eight months after her death.

A music duo in Nashville with ties to Steamboat Springs released a music video paying tribute to Shaw – a mother of four and a teacher at North Routt Community Charter School – who was killed in a Christmas Eve crash last year. 

Shaw was driving on Interstate 70 near Genesee when a woman in a pickup truck crossed the median, hit Shaw's SUV killing her and critically injuring Shaw's daughter Charlee.

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“Shine On” was released Friday by Lost Hollow. Band member Lorrie Harden was raised in the Steamboat Springs area. She and bandmate Tommy Harden were also married there. The duo heard of the crash and wanted to pay tribute and pay it forward.

All proceeds from song downloads will go to the Sancy Shaw Scholarship Fund. You can watch the full video below.

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The scholarship was established to assist seniors at Steamboat Springs High School with college tuition, according to Shaw's husband, Brett Shaw.

Tommy Harden, on the Lost Hollow website, said, "The one caveat of writing this song, we were told, was that it had to be positive and uplifting -- that was a must." 

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