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'This is evidence of who we are': Art exhibition highlights Black artists in Boulder County

In one of the least diverse cities in the state, artists are taking it upon themselves to make sure they’re seen and heard

BOULDER, Colo. — In one of the least diverse cities in the state, artists are taking it upon themselves to make sure they’re seen and heard. A series of new art exhibits in Boulder are meant to show off black artists in a community where they say they often feel invisible.

Boulder is home for Adderly Grant-Lord. But it doesn’t always feel that way.

"How can I say Boulder is about me when I don’t see any of me here?" said Grant-Lord. "I never see me anywhere as an artist here in Boulder. When I go out to all of the art shows, I go to Friday Art Walk, I don’t see any African American artists being shown on the wall."

In a town that’s 90% white, not even her colorful art can stop her from feeling invisible sometimes. She tells stories of standing in front of her works at previous shows, but people will still ask if someone else painted it.

"I still get the question, is this yours?" said Grant-Lord. "I was sharing the space with five other people, and not one of the other artists was asked that question."

Credit: KUSA

She’s now creating the change she wants. A new exhibit at galleries around Boulder highlights black artists in a space they’re rarely seen. It’s called Black Future in Art: We Are Not Just History.

"It makes me proud to introduce this to a community that does not know who we are," said Grant-Lord. "I don’t want to have to drive to Denver every time I want some entertainment, culture. I have to drive to Aurora or Denver. It doesn’t exist here. But I live here. So my question is, if not me, who?"

The galleries all around Boulder are open throughout the month, highlighting black artists from across Colorado. Their goal is for people to not only see beautiful art, but also learn a something new and leave with more knowledge.  

Most of the exhibits are open through the end of the month. All of the locations feature different works of art. 

Dairy Arts Center
Open through March 4, 2023
2590 Walnut St, Boulder

Off Broadway Gallery At Pine St Church
1237 Pine St, Boulder

East Simpson Coffee Co
Open through March 4, 2023
201 E Simpson St, Lafayette

First Congregational Church Gallery
1128 Pine St, Boulder

The Gallery @ Bus Stop Apartments
4895 Broadway St, Boulder

Stone Sculpting Classes With Satoro Tafura
February 4-25, 2023

You can find more information about the exhibition here.

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