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Family finds first stable housing since arriving to US months ago

A migrant family from Venezuela moved out of temporary shelter to a place they can call their own as they work to secure permanent housing for their family.

Angeline McCall

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Published: 9:28 PM MDT May 2, 2023
Updated: 9:28 PM MDT May 2, 2023

After months on the road, migrant families in Colorado are relying less on the shelter system, and finding their own housing solutions. 

One such migrant family shared the moment they found a more stable housing option with 9NEWS. 

"To arrive here, I’m excited because well, I was in the United States. I was doing well in the shelter, but I felt the need to find a place to stay," Maria said. 

En Español: "Desde que llegué acá, estaba emocionada porque ya estaba acá en los Estados Unidos", dijo Maria. "Pero, estaba bien en el refugio, pero sentía la necesidad de encontrar un lugar donde vivir".

Since moving into a hotel-turned-shelter, Maria hoped to leave. 

"For better safety of everyone, also the children. Because the shelter is not reliable because we are in a room," Maria said. 

"Para mejor seguridad de todos, también de los niños", dijo Maria. "Porque el refugio no es seguro, porque estamos en un cuarto". 

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