Starting on Friday, June 30, the Denver Convention Center will be flooded with nearly 130,000 costumed comic fanatics for the Denver Comic Con.

It'll be the fifth time the city has held the event, but never with so much security.

Event organizers wouldn’t detail how many Denver Police officers and private security personnel would oversee the event but labeled the change ‘significant’ saying they would be on the lookout for prop fire arms.

This is something Denver Comic Con instituted back in October, but it really showed its importance in May when a man entered Phoenix Comic Con armed with three handguns and a shotgun saying he was going to kill bad police officers.

The man was arrested and no one was injured but it forced Denver Comic Con to reevaluate its policies.

“You know we make assessments at the end of each year to see what worked and what didn't and what sort of changes we need to make moving forward so it's definitely significant,” said Comic Con communications manager Tara Hubner.

Security will also be doing bag checks at the Denver Convention Center for the first time so there will be two entrance points: one for Con-goers with bags and one without.

As with any other major gathering, expect it to slow down admission times.

“You know I don't think it will cause too much of a backup but just think about any large sporting event that you've ever attended,” Hubner said. “Like I said that's just really for the safety of the Con-goers.

When Denver Comic Con began in 2012, it saw a modest 27,500 people. Four years since and that number quadrupled to 114,900.

If you have questions regarding items you plan on bringing to the convention, email Denver Comic Con at