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East Texas farmers try to salvage crops amid rain storms

"If water stands more than four hours, it kills the soil life," said gardener Michael Tolbert.

TEXAS, USA — Rain has pummeled East Texas recently and it’s not over yet. It's normally welcome, but even too much of a good thing could spell trouble.

Jessica Bullock, co-owner of Red Moon Farm said, “We've had quite a lot of rain in the last 48 hours. But before that, it's been quite wet and cool. All spring and winter it's been unseasonably cool and wet.”

Too much rain prevents oxygen from getting to the plant’s roots- literally drowning them.

Michael Tolbert, owner of Heritage Home and Garden, said, "One of the things we found is that if water stands more than four hours, then it kills the soil life.”

Credit: Shandel Menezes

And there’s more rain on the way. For all you gardeners out there, it might be time for damage control.

“If you've got puddles in your yard in your garden, start working on the drainage now even while it's wet. You got to make sure that that water doesn't continue to stand," said Tolbert.

It's also best practice to take really good care of your soil year round so that it can drain whenever you have big weather events. Remember to mulch, use lots of compost, don't over till, and your soil will be better equipped to accommodate excess rain.

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