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Kids' Kreations ice cream (run entirely by local youth) is taking off in Denver

The new local business started with the help of a program out of Montebello that is teaching young students entrepreneurial skills and money management early.

DENVER — A new local ice cream brand is taking off in Denver called Kids' Kreations, run entirely by local kids and young teenagers. 

"I was especially interested in this program because I love business and I love being able to take on the role of a leader even though I'm young," said 12-year-old Carold Carter. 

Carter is one of the 15 students behind Kids' Kreations. The group of 7- to 16-year-olds were brought together through a new program by The McBride Impact and Struggle of Love Foundation that is focused on youth development opportunities in Montbello.

"This is a business set up for the kids by the kids, to teach them how to run their own business and do their own thing," said Jason McBride of The McBride Impact. 

He called the two organizations the "silent partners" of the operation. The kids, he said, are the ones out front, marketing, coming up with ideas, representing the brand and doing the work. 

"When we set kids up to understand business, it empowers them, right? I think it shows other kids that being a business owner is possible, too. It’s hard work but it is possible and they can achieve it," McBride said. "In our community, we don’t see those things enough."

After only a few weeks in business, flavors like Apple Pie, The DeLorean and Mix Tape have landed the new entrepreneurs their first vendor – My Kings Ice Cream on Colorado Boulevard in Denver.

Credit: Lori Lizarraga
Kids' Kreations first vendor, MyKings Ice Cream on Colfax in Denver.

"It just makes me want to have a business myself even more," said 15-year-old Knoah Martin, another young entrepreneur behind the ice cream startup. "It also keeps me out of doing something I’m not supposed to. Keeps me out of trouble." 

Through managing flavor quality, overhead costs, advertising and sales, these youth are also being empowered and encouraged to realize their potential and pursue a brighter future. 

"By us [The McBride Impact] partnering with the Struggle of Love, we’ve been able to provide not only quality programming, but a safe place for kids to be," McBride said. 

Kids Kreations will be selling their ice cream on March 5 at Jazz in the Park "Jazz Hop" in Sonny Lawson Park. 

The young entrepreneurs have also made Kids' Kreations available to order online for home delivery. Visit the Kids' Kreations online ordering page to support their business and learn more about the other youth-owned and operated businesses that are in the works through The McBride Impact and Struggle of Love. 


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