LAKEWOOD, Colo. — One person was killed and three others were injured early Sunday morning following a shooting and assault in Lakewood, according to Rob Albrets with the Lakewood Police Department.

The victim who died has been identified as Daniel Avila.

The shooting was reported at about 4:15 a.m. at the intersection of Florida Avenue and Yarrow Street – which is just west of Wadsworth Boulevard.  

"Well, I heard the gunshots about four this morning, but I didn't bother getting up," Daniel Lopez, neighbor, said.

But, he said his security camera caught the whole incident. He has turned the video over to police.

"You can just see a car pull up pretty fast, park over there, and then you saw a bunch of people get out and you saw another group of kids walk this way towards them. They all kinda started fighting," Lopez said.

Three shooting victims were taken to the hospital. Avila later died from injuries sustained in the shooting, Albrets said. A fourth victim who was assaulted in the incident was also taken to the hospital. 


Police have not released any suspect information. 

"We don't think that this is a random act," Albrets said. "We don't think the general community is in danger."

Lopez said his car was struck by a stray bullet.

"It's sad. It's the way society is, though," Lopez said.

About a mile away in the 5100 block of Morrison Road, Denver police responded to a separate shooting Sunday morning. One victim was located with unknown injuries. Police later said the shooting was being investigated as a homicide. 

Agent Rob Albrets with Lakewood PD said they believe the Denver shooting was a separate event. 

"We have no indication it's connected to the one on Florida Avenue," he said. 

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