The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office identified two suspects in the Deer Creek Canyon Road thumb tack case.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, multiple cyclists got flat tires from hundreds of tacks tossed on the road west of Chatfield State Park. Sheriff's deputies believe the tacks were spread along the narrow 2-lane roadway late on July 2 or early July 3.

PREVIOUS STORY: Person of interest in JeffCo thumb tack case

PREVIOUS STORY: Hundreds of tacks strewn on popular road for cyclists

While covering the story, a 9NEWS photojournalist found the packaging to the tacks which lead deputies to a local grocery store, giving them surveillance video a person of interest. Officials believe the man in the video is Calvin Chambers, 27, of Littleton.

Chambers was issued a court summons for two misdemeanor offenses of criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

In 2007, when Chambers was 18, he was also contacted by Jefferson County deputies for harassing a cyclist.

According to the report, the victim was biking to work along West Hampden Avenue Frontage Road when a green pickup truck came up alongside her and yelled, "get off the road." She told investigators the truck came very close and she was forced off the pavement but did not lose control of her bicycle.

She continued riding and about 10 minutes later the same truck drove by her again this time with a second person in the vehicle. She wrote down the license plate number.

Deputies contacted the driver, identified as Calvin Chambers by phone. He admitted he made the comments and told them he "knew better."

Chambers said his mother grounded him from the truck for two weeks. The victim felt that was enough punishment and did not press charges.

The second suspect will be issued a court summons in the coming days.

JeffCo Sheriff's officials said incidents like this are not unusual but for the first time, two suspects face charges.

Thumb tack case suspect. 
Thumb tack case suspect.