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Autopsy shows man killed at Tesla charger was shot in back twice

Police said investigators are waiting on test results before passing the case to prosecutors for a decision on whether charges will be filed.

EDGEWATER, Colo. — A newly released autopsy shows the man killed at a Tesla charging station in Edgewater was shot in the back twice by a man who has not yet faced any charges. 

The shooting happened on May 3 at around 9:40 a.m. outside the Edgewater Public Market on West 20th Avenue. Adam Michael Fresquez, 33, left behind a wife and two children.

Authorities stated Fresquez and another man were having an argument that escalated to shots being fired. The other man who was involved left the scene but later called 911 to report his involvement. He was taken into custody but later released.

Police said they are investigating if a disturbance or road rage incident may have occurred between the two men before the shooting happened at the charging station. A spokesperson said investigators are awaiting test results from the crime scene. Once they receive those, prosecutors will decide whether the man who shot Fresquez will face charges. 

For Fresquez's family, information is hard to come by — and the pain won't go away. 

"I wake up thinking that it was a nightmare. I go to sleep praying to God for just a little bit of answers just so we can know what's going on," said Lena Mendez, Fresquez's mother. 

She said she wasn't prepared for the autopsy to reveal her son was shot in the back twice with a .45 caliber handgun -- and "reportedly" pepper sprayed too. 

"That was my son who I carried inside of me," she said. "Who was my baby. Even though he was a man, that was still my baby."

Mendez said she wants to know where the investigation stands now. 

"We get a lot of 'It's complicated' from the police department and that's all we're getting," she said. "I don't understand how complicated it is when he was shot he was pepper sprayed and then shot twice in the back and the guy left.

Without information, she said she's only left with memories — and the pain of the loss of a son. 

"I understand that when somebody passes, the world goes on, life goes on, but it doesn't for us. Because we feel like there's no justice," Mendez said. 

Fresquez's autopsy found traces of cocaine and fentanyl in his body as well. 

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