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Suspect in Black Hawk casino heist denied personal recognizance bond

In an arrest affidavit, the Division of Gaming said a Monarch Casino cashier packed half a million dollars into a box and then drove off in a minivan.

BLACK HAWK, Colo. — The woman accused of pulling off Colorado's largest-ever casino heist will not be let out of jail on a personal recognizance bond.

Sabrina Eddy is accused of stealing half a million dollars from Monarch Casino last month.

On Monday, a judge denied the request from her defense attorney who said Eddy couldn't afford the $10,000 cash bond. 

"If she had the money, she would’ve posted it,” the attorney said.

The district attorney's office said they did not object "since she has been cooperative and this is a matter we continue to investigate." They did request she have a GPS monitor. 

The judge in the case didn't agree.

“A personal recognizance bond for a case where half a million dollars walked out of a casino?,” judge David Taylor asked incredulously. “I just don’t trust that Ms. Eddy is going to come back to court.”

The affidavit in the case says Eddy grabbed 10 bricks of cash from the casino's vault and drove away in a gold minivan early in the morning of March 12.  

She told them a man called, claimed to be a casino boss and instructed her to take the money or the casino "would be in breach of contract," according to the affidavit. She said she met a man she believed to be an attorney in a dark hospital parking lot later that morning and handed over the money. 

The theft at Monarch is by far the largest Division of Gaming agents have faced. A department spokesperson said the second-largest theft occurred in 2003, when a security guard was suspected of stealing $300,000 from JP McGills casino in Cripple Creek. 

The third-largest was in 2019, when someone stole $28,000 from Black Hawk's Famous Bonanza Casino. 

Eddy has been in the Gilpin County Jail since her arrest. She's due back in court next month.

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