Two people were arrested Wednesday night after an attack with a samurai sword outside of a bank in Boulder, police said.

An arrest affidavit released Thursday in the case said the victim was attacked with his own samurai sword that was pulled off his back and that he tried to block the blade with his hand. He needed 16 stitches in the area between his thumb and forefinger.

Cody Scott Park, 26, is facing a charge of first-degree assault after disarming and attacking the victim with his own katana in a Wells Fargo parking lot on Canyon Boulevard, the arrest affidavit read.

Park's alleged girlfriend, Aneta Urban, is also facing a charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree assault after the victim said he saw her congratulate Park on carrying out her plan and helping him escape.

Cody Parker

The victim told police he traveled via Z Trip from his Boulder hotel to 14th and Arapahoe with a katana in a sheath strapped to his shoulder. He visited a smoke shop and then went through Central Park. While walking through the bank's parking lot, he felt a tug at his back.

The affidavit quotes the victim saying Park had unsheathed the sword.

"Bro, what the f--- are you doing?" the victim said he shouted at Park.

Park replied with, "You got my f------ old lady jumped!"

The victim told police he didn't know who Park was or what Park was talking about. The victim also said Park used a racial slur before taking a step toward him.

The victim told police that's when Park cut at his thigh a knife but failed to break through any clothes. The arrest report says the victim took steps back, but was followed by Park each time.

Finally, the report says, Park swung at the victim, aiming for his head or neck. The victim says he threw up his hand to block the blade, catching it in the area between his thumb and forefinger. He said he closed his hand around the blade, but Park pulled it away - causing a rather large cut on his hand.

The victim told police he felt in fear for his life during the attack and knew that if he hadn't caught the blade, his throat would have been slashed.

After the initial attack, the victim told police he took off for the Circle K nearby. He told police Park must have known he was going to call 911, because Park allegedly took off in the other direction.

For reasons unclear in the report, the victim decided instead to follow Park. Eventually, he saw Park meet with someone who'd later be identified as Urban. He told because they spoke "next to a restaurant."

Aneta Urban

"Baby, take the bike, get out of here," Urban is alleged to have told Park. "You did what I told you to do."

The victim said he saw Park hop on a bike and ride off with the katana between the handlebars.

When he was interviewed by police at 3:30 p.m., he gave them Park's description. He was interviewed in the back of an ambulance with his fiancée.

His fiancee told police they'd had a run-in with Urban a couple of weeks ago at Bandshell - the amphitheater there - where his fiancée got into a verbal fight with Urban. Urban had told officers at the time that the fiancée had physically assaulted her.

The victim's fiancée admitted she'd "talked herself into a ticket" at the time.

The arrest report says it took 16 stitches to close the victim's hand wound. One of the EMTs took a description of Urban and relayed it to Boulder Police. The EMT added the victim had several items of clothing covered in blood and a few more knives on him.

Police wanted to take the clothes, but the victim asked to keep his blood-stained jacket, as he was homeless and needed it to keep warm.

Law enforcement later caught up with Urban at Boulder High, whose story changed several times during their discussion. She was also reportedly uncooperative with authorities, the affidavit said.

Officers then released Urban so that they might follow her and find Park, the report says.

She led them to Park a short while later as the pair met up near 13th and Arapahoe. Both were taken into custody at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.