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Man bragged about involvement in US Capitol riot, court documents show

Rodney Milstreed, 55, is facing numerous federal charges for assaulting Capitol Police and punching an Associated Press photographer on Jan. 6, 2021.

DENVER — Federal investigators accuse Rodney Milstreed,55, of pledging allegiance to Proud Boys, throwing a flag pole and smoke grenade at police, and assaulting a news photographer during the riots at the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. 

Court records reveal a criminal case has been filed against Milstreed in Colorado’s US District Court in Denver on eleven charges, ranging from assault, physical violence, and disorderly conduct. 

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In the records, investigators describe how Milstreed anticipated violence at the nation’s Capitol and gloated about his attacks against police and a photographer through messages on Facebook.

“Milstreed also made comments that were violent in nature concerning the events that would occur that day, including claiming allegiance to the Proud Boys,” an FBI agent wrote in charging documents.

Credit: Department of Justice
Images of Rodney Milstreed, 55, who is accused of assaulting police and a news photographer during the riots at the nation's Capitol.

“I went witha [SIC] 4 ft club and intended to crack some heads,” Milstreed is accused of writing to someone on Facebook according to the court records. 

“I make a charge for punching the camera guy but it was worth it. Hit him with everything God give. The crowd cheered,” Milstreed said in another note, according to charging documents. 

Milstreed is from Finksburg, Maryland but was arrested in Brighton, Colorado. The case against him was filed in Denver’s federal court.

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The documents also cite numerous videos showing Milstreed’s attacks on police, including the assault against the Associated Press photographer. 

“At one point, Milstreed picks up what appears to be a flagpole bearing a navy flag off the ground and throws it, javelin-style, in the direction of USCP Officers…,” the documents say. 

Milstreed is also accused of picking up a smoke grenade and launching it back toward Capitol Police. 

In the attack on the photographer, the criminal complaint cites video and images showing Milstreed assaulting the journalist. 

Credit: Department of Justice

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