DENVER — A man who was convicted of aggravated robbery and vehicular eluding in connection with a 2016 carjacking was sentenced to 76 years in prison.

Edward Hicks, 48, was found guilty after a jury trial last December. He was proven to be a habitual offender and was sentenced to 64 years in prison for the aggravated robbery conviction, and to 12 years in prison for the vehicular eluding conviction.

At the request of the district attorney's office, the judge ordered the sentences to run consecutively, for a total of 76 years in prison.

On June 19, 2016, at 16th Avenue and Pearl Street in Denver, two victims were sitting in the vehicle waiting to exit a parking lot when Hicks opened the passenger door, poked the female victim in the ribs with an unknown object, and told the male victim to put the car keys and his wallet on the dashboard and get out.

He then took the victims’ vehicle. When responding officers tried to stop the vehicle, Hicks eluded them and sped away before eventually being stopped and apprehended.