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Boulder DA to decide if charges will be filed in fatal August stabbing

Prosecutors in Boulder County are working to determine if charges will be filed in a stabbing that killed a man in August.
Credit: Associated Press

BOULDER, Colo. — Prosecutors in Boulder County are working to determine if charges will be filed in a stabbing that left one person dead last month. 

Christopher Eyer, 30, of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, was killed in the stabbing, which happened around 10:35 p.m. Aug. 20 on Arapahoe Avenue near the intersection with Seventh Street. 

Police conducted a weekslong investigation into the circumstances surrounding the stabbing. They have now turned the case over to the district attorney's office, who will determine if any charges will be filed. 

Police said their investigation found Eyer had exchanged words with two people he didn't know as they were walking downtown near Ninth Street and Arapahoe Avenue. The exchange escalated when Eyer attacked them, according to police. The two men ran to their apartment, which was nearby, but Eyer caught them as they opened the door, according to police.

A fight broke out, and one of the men stabbed Eyer with a small knife, according to police. 

Both men told police the stabbing was in self-defense. One of the men was treated at the hospital for his injuries, according to police. 

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Police also found that in the 10 minutes before the stabbing, a man who they believe was Eyer was involved in a series of confrontations in the area of Ninth Street and Walnut Street. 

  • In the first incident, according to police, Eyer attacked a guest who opened the door of their hotel room.
  • In the second incident, Eyer punched another man, spit in a woman's face, and choked another woman, according to police. 
  • Police said in the third incident, Eyer confronted a man who had just parked his car. Eyer yelled at the man, then tried to choke and punch him, according to police. 

"Due to the complex nature of this case and the attestation of self-defense, this case has now been handed over to the DA's Office for legal analysis and the determination of whether charges should or will be filed related to Eyer's death," police said in a release

The district attorney's office is expected to announce its decision within the next few weeks. 

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