If you're selfish enough to not care about putting other lives at risk - then maybe the increased cost of a DUI in Colorado will be enough to keep people from drinking and driving.

The organization No DUI Colorado calculated the numbers and found the average cost of a first-time offense in 2016 is $13,530. That's up nearly 32 percent from their previous calculation in 2008.

Back then, getting a DUI would cost someone $10,270.

An updated law considers the average impaired driver in Colorado a persistent drunk driver, or PDD, if their blood alcohol content is over .15.

That number was lowered in 2014 from .17.

A PDD designation requires more consequences.

Persistent drunk drivers must have an ignition interlock device installed on their cars for 24 months and go to alchohol treatment classes for nine months.

No DUI Colorado says that makes up for 55 percent of the cost increase.

The rest is made up from 22 different fees and expenses associated with detox or jail, court costs, probation fees and license reinstatement.