KUSA — The dancing FBI agent whose gun fired and hit a man at a downtown bar in June appeared Thursday in Denver District Court where he pleaded not guilty to one count of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, a class four felony.

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Chase Bishop, 30, was charged June 12 after a video showed him perform a backflip, drop his gun and reach for the weapon which discharged and hit a man, Thomas Reddington, in the lower leg at Mile High Spirits on Lawrence St. at approximately 12:45 am on June 2.

Reddington’s injuries were not considered serious.

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9NEWS reported that prosecutors offered Bishop a plea deal in July, at which time it became clear he was not intoxicated when he accidentally fired his weapon.

He was also allowed to keep any weapons and ammunition, according court records.

No deal was reached on Thursday. The judge accepted Bishop’s not guilty plea and scheduled a speedy trial date for May 2019. His next hearing is set for January.

The FBI would not comment on the current status of Bishop’s employment with the agency.