DENVER — A woman was arrested after she brought her child to the hospital for respiratory issues and doctors discovered the child had numerous broken bones, according to a probable cause statement for the woman's arrest from the Denver Police Department (DPD).

Myra Deleon, 21, faces a felony charge of child abuse.

She brought her daughter to Children's Hospital Colorado on Feb. 12 for respiratory issues, according to DPD. As doctors evaluated the child, they noticed bruising on the inside of her ears and some dried-up blood, the PC statement says.

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Abrasions were also found behind the child's ears, and, as a result, doctors ordered a full skeletal exam to include x-rays, according to DPD.

The x-rays showed she had a fractured lower left fibula and fractures in both of her tibias near her ankles, according to DPD. They also showed healing rib fractures.

Due to the child's age, doctors determined the "injuries are non-accidental", the PC statement says.

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Deleon made a statement to police on Feb. 13, but most of it is redacted from the PC statement. She was subsequently arrested and her daughter was placed into protective custody.

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